Our Terms & Conditions

Dear Guests,
Please be aware of the regulations as follows:

1:   Only two people are allowed in one room with a maximum of one child. Do not use the blanket with out bed sheet.
2:   We have 4 smoking rooms. All other rooms are strictly non-smoking rooms.
3:   Any food material is not allowed in the room and the external areas of the Retreat.
4:   Washing of any clothes is not allowed in the rooms. If you wish to wash then the Retreat provides a laundry service.
5:   Please maintain silence in the Retreat do not disturb other guests. After 11.00 pm all the doors should be closed.
6:   Please keep the volume of TV low.
7:   Any demage to the property of the Retreat by the guest shall be recovered.
8:   The guesthouse is not responsible for any loss of your personal belongings, for safety guests can deposit valuables/cash at the reception against proper receipt.
9:  We will serve Braekfast from 7.00 am to10.00 am and Dinner from 7.00 pm to 10 pm. During other time, please use our garden card.
10:   Gate will be closed at 11.00 pm sharp .If you come late please do not blow horn make a phone call.

Thank you for following our regulations.